Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another dream about fences and horses

Yesterday, I was super busy.
There are always more couples wanting to set their wedding dates after Valentine's day.
Also the office was closed on Monday.
I started to sketch the flowers on my desk yesterday, but I didn't get very far.

Today there was an officer involved shooting a block away.
The street was closed, so maybe I didn't have as many people come to the office.

I made this collage about another dream I had.

In this dream, I was a middle school student.
I was walking in the school field before class started.
I saw this horse the size of a medium-sized dog.
It was running pretty fast, but I felt like I could catch it, so I did. I wished I had a rope.
I saw this angry man, who wanted to take the horse away from me.
Maybe it was his horse to begin with. I don't know.
But I picked up the horse and ran away, until I found a hole in the fence.

I ran through many woods and backyards and holes in fences.
Eventually I came back to the school. The class had started, but I knew I could hide inside.
I woke up wondering how I could hide a 30lb horse in a classroom.

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