Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another busy Tuesday

Today I started a collage at home and brought it to work to finish...

While looking through some paper to tear up, I got a jewelry inspiration.

At work, the resident student (who is also gardener) planted some bulbs and gave me one in a pot to put on my desk!
At first I thought maybe they were paperwhites, but I think they are white hyacinth. They smell nice.

I drew this with mostly watercolor pencil.
When I turned back the page to work on my collage from the morning, the page had gotten wet and the paper got wrinkled.

The collage was about a dream I had.

I was walking along the river, and there was also a lady walking her dog several paces behind me.
Occasionally I would come to a gate, but every time I went to unlatch the gate, the whole gate would fall down in front of me.

It didn't matter, because I was still able to continue on my way.

It was dark and creepy, and I felt like somebody was following us (not the lady)

Eventually the lady said, "maybe I should be closing the gates behind us."
I realized that we had been leaving the gates open for whatever it was to follow behind...

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