Thursday, February 18, 2016

All kinds of things

Today I got up late. I started to work on some earrings.

At the Mixed Media class with Jacki Long at Catalyst on Saturday, I found a great catalog full of clothing and jewelry called Sundance, I think.
I ended up daydreaming about the jewelry I saw in the catalog.

Today was the first day since Saturday that I had time to try to copy some of the ideas I saw.
I ran out of time before I could get very far.
Here is the wire, before and after I hammered it.
And a recent purchase, a smooth block and a better hammer!

I noticed that the wire and beads I had were not compatible.

Pretty soon I had to go to work.
I found a drunk man sound asleep in an office waiting area chair.
"He's your problem now," said my co-worker as she left.
I decided to let him sleep, because he seemed to need it.
After an hour he woke up, and luckily the person he needed to see walked in at that moment.

The week gets less busy toward the end. Today I had time to make a really good collage.
It is also based on a dream I had.
I was at an amusement park with two friends and their father.
The park was a combination of all the amusement parks I've been to.
I noticed I didn't like the roller coaster anymore.
After awhile my friends' dad decided he was tired.
He sat down in a booth that made engraved charms, and decided he was going to work there.
"Pick out whatever you like," he told us.

I was reluctant to pick out a charm, because they all cost hundreds of dollars.

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