Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Yesterday was a crummy day.
There was a shooting.
I couldn't see anything from my office. I just heard the shots. I wasn't even sure they came from, or if anyone was hit, until the sirens a few minutes later.

Nothing in the news about the person hit by a car on Monday, but I talked to a lady who happened to be visiting some one in the same hospital, and says he is alive and being operated on.

It's kind of strange, but so many things happen around here that I'm not even sure if they happened or not, and it is kind of a relief to see it in the newspaper.

I painted some more of this guy.
It was inspired a little bit by the homeless young man who has been camping out on the bench by the office door. Yesterday he sat on the bench all evening. Maybe he was hiding from the shooting...
He kept coming in and eating all the candy in the jar on the counter.

Last week I gave him a can opener from the dollar store, so he could eat the canned food we give out, and later on he tried to sell it to my friend for money.
He wasn't here today. I hope he found a better place.

I also worked on this one today.
I just noticed she only has half a nose.

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