Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yesterday I did a few things but didn't have time to upload the pictures.

I added some color to the face of a girl I drew in graphite. It was from a picture of a student from the 50's. It was part of a project we did in Jacki Long's class.

The other day I dreamed I was in a square cathedral. I painted part of it on Wednesday.
I continued to paint this in Jacki's class on Thursday.

There was an earthquake and nobody was hurt, but eventually cracks formed in the ceiling and we all had to evacuate.
The big window broke and little pieces of statues fell from the ceiling.
Everything inside was colored red including the statues.
I wondered if the carvings were supposed to be angels or devils?
In the dream I had an argument with the pastor over whether or not an artist would have painted an image of Venus in a religious building.

Today I painted a dream I had where I had to walk through snow.
I was going to add a person but I got lazy.

At work I spent hours and hours chasing a marble around, trying to wrap a chain around it.
I didn't follow any instructions, I just kind of figured it out from a picture.
It came out a little uneven, but ok.

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  1. Love your creative flow, Julie!
    And enjoy your dreams,so glad you blog!