Monday, January 25, 2016

Making Jewelry from Buttons

Today I got up intending to draw, but my desk was still covered with bead things.
Even worse, the container of purple beads fell off the desk and spilled everywhere.
I blame the cat.

I found a collection of buttons and decided to show how to make jewelry with buttons.
This is something you can do that doesn't take any special ability.

Just glue and buttons, wire cutters, and an earring back to glue it to.

You can buy fancy buttons of all kinds at the craft store.
I used the kind of button WITHOUT HOLES. It has a loop in the back.

I used flush nosed wire cutters to cut the little loop off the back of the button.
You can even use nail clippers.
You might need a file to smooth it down.


Next, use a strong glue to glue the back to the back of the button:

That's it.
You can also make rings this way.

JoAnn's and Michaels sell ring shapes (JoAnn's sells more in the package).
They are hard to find and often sold out.

Today I ended up making these earrings and two rings.

You can make earrings or rings out of just about anything with just a little glue and imagination!

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