Thursday, January 28, 2016


Today was the last of 4 classes by artist Jacki Long at Catalyst.
She has a new series of classes that will be on Sundays.

Today we applied acrylic paint to different kinds of paper.
Here is a page from a phone book, and a Fed-Ex package:

Some of the pages turned out nice in themselves, and others will make their way into other projects.

I decided not to bring paint to my job to work at my desk.
Instead I brought a pair of pliers and some jump rings, which are just metal loops for jewelry.

I wanted to make a kind of chain mail flower.
I've never tried anything like this before, (I've only been making jewelry for fun for a year or two.)

I thought it would take me all day just to make one flower!
I made 3 flowers. I think I'm making a bracelet.

Also, it wasn't good for my nails...

I already spied a more intricate pattern to copy for a chain mail pendant!
I guess that's how I'm spending Friday.

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