Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yesterday I did a few things but didn't have time to upload the pictures.

I added some color to the face of a girl I drew in graphite. It was from a picture of a student from the 50's. It was part of a project we did in Jacki Long's class.

The other day I dreamed I was in a square cathedral. I painted part of it on Wednesday.
I continued to paint this in Jacki's class on Thursday.

There was an earthquake and nobody was hurt, but eventually cracks formed in the ceiling and we all had to evacuate.
The big window broke and little pieces of statues fell from the ceiling.
Everything inside was colored red including the statues.
I wondered if the carvings were supposed to be angels or devils?
In the dream I had an argument with the pastor over whether or not an artist would have painted an image of Venus in a religious building.

Today I painted a dream I had where I had to walk through snow.
I was going to add a person but I got lazy.

At work I spent hours and hours chasing a marble around, trying to wrap a chain around it.
I didn't follow any instructions, I just kind of figured it out from a picture.
It came out a little uneven, but ok.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Today was the last of 4 classes by artist Jacki Long at Catalyst.
She has a new series of classes that will be on Sundays.

Today we applied acrylic paint to different kinds of paper.
Here is a page from a phone book, and a Fed-Ex package:

Some of the pages turned out nice in themselves, and others will make their way into other projects.

I decided not to bring paint to my job to work at my desk.
Instead I brought a pair of pliers and some jump rings, which are just metal loops for jewelry.

I wanted to make a kind of chain mail flower.
I've never tried anything like this before, (I've only been making jewelry for fun for a year or two.)

I thought it would take me all day just to make one flower!
I made 3 flowers. I think I'm making a bracelet.

Also, it wasn't good for my nails...

I already spied a more intricate pattern to copy for a chain mail pendant!
I guess that's how I'm spending Friday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Today I moved boxes around in my room in an attempt to tidy up.
It seems like I'm endlessly moving things from one place to another.

Even though I put my jewelry things away, I was still thinking about it.
I looked at other people's jewelry and sketched them, to get ideas for my own.

(I just make jewelry for fun. I've never sold anything, or tried to claim it is original.)

I dreamed I was in a large, square, reddish cathedral full of monks dressed in brown.
The pope was there.
There was an earthquake but no one got hurt.

I only had time to draw the first part of the dream today.
I added the lady because I wanted to draw a pretty Victorian lady.
Maybe I will do part two tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I dreamed it was raining peanuts.

Today I put away all my bead things again, and cleaned my desk.

I did a collage of a dream I had.
I dreamed I was in a tropical kind of place.
I dreamed it was called the Philippines, but I wouldn't know.
There were all kinds of unusual birds.
When it rained, it rained peanuts!

We had to gather the peanuts before the birds ate them.
It was supposed to be a good deal, because peanuts were very expensive in the US.
We could take them back home and sell them for a profit.
I could only see a handful of peanuts.

I decided to paint a pretty girl.

This has nothing to do with the dream, I just continued the background.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Making Jewelry from Buttons

Today I got up intending to draw, but my desk was still covered with bead things.
Even worse, the container of purple beads fell off the desk and spilled everywhere.
I blame the cat.

I found a collection of buttons and decided to show how to make jewelry with buttons.
This is something you can do that doesn't take any special ability.

Just glue and buttons, wire cutters, and an earring back to glue it to.

You can buy fancy buttons of all kinds at the craft store.
I used the kind of button WITHOUT HOLES. It has a loop in the back.

I used flush nosed wire cutters to cut the little loop off the back of the button.
You can even use nail clippers.
You might need a file to smooth it down.


Next, use a strong glue to glue the back to the back of the button:

That's it.
You can also make rings this way.

JoAnn's and Michaels sell ring shapes (JoAnn's sells more in the package).
They are hard to find and often sold out.

Today I ended up making these earrings and two rings.

You can make earrings or rings out of just about anything with just a little glue and imagination!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


The idea with the labels didn't work.
They are the wrong shape to paste onto my plastic storage boxes...
I'll print a new set of labels at work tomorrow.

I made an armful of stretchy bracelets.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Usually Saturdays are not busy at work so I can do some drawing, but this Saturday was pretty busy.
I sketched some flowers on my desk.

Over the New Years, I reorganized the room where I draw.
I have a lot of those plastic drawer type things to store my art supplies.
Today I made a bunch of labels like these , so they all match.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Feeling Blue

Yesterday I added more beads to the aqua necklace.

I guess it's finished.  It's hard to know when to stop.

In the same box I found another similar bracelet, that I started but didn't finish:

I realized I never finished because I ran out of those color beads...

Today I got up feeling like I might be catching a cold, and didn't want to do anything.
My desk was covered with beads so I didn't draw.

I started a new necklace with blue plastic beads:

I was happy because I finally found something to do with these cheap plastic beads.

Meanwhile I watched online streaming news from Washington DC.
Something about snow.
(It was more interesting than the news here.)

I was totally planning to wear it to work today, but I ran out of time.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A creative day!

There should be a law against eating fish in an office. (It's not even Lent.)
And eating fish while using the copier should be a capital offense!

Today I went to the third of four creative journaling classes, by artist Jacki Long.
She provides us with paint, papers, and tools and points gives us ideas for different projects.
Everyone has their own interpretation.

Jacki took a lot of pictures of today's work, that can be found on her blog, as well as links to upcoming classes.

Here are some things that we worked on today:

One project involved drawing from a small picture of a school child from the 50's.
Everyone had fun with that one.
I'm a terrible liar, so it was really hard to make something that didn't look exactly like the picture.

Another project was to paint an animal, real or imaginary:

                                   I made a grid.

Jacki brought some pretty patterned paper tape to use,  and I paid tribute to the late, great David Bowie.

I'm not sure what's going on with the arm; I messed up and couldn't reposition the tape.
That's going to disturb me for a while...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Today I got up early and picked a rose.
I didn't feel like drawing it.

Instead I sorted some of my piles of beads and projects.
I found this bracelet that I had not quite finished:

After an hour or two of adding more beads to it, it just didn't sit right as a bracelet.
So I made it into a necklace, and spent another hour adding beads to it.

No matter how many beads I stuck on it, it never seemed to be finished!
I had to put it away.

I brought the rose to work to maybe draw it, but when I arrived, all I found was the stem!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My ipod isn't dead after all.

My ipod wouldn't wake up today.
It has pictures I was going to post of my weekend...
I tried two different cables and two different computers.

I am going to have one of my cars painted soon and I am going to blog about the process.
And other car related things for people in the car club.

Aha, I finally got the ipod rebooted.

On my day off Monday I went to the Huntington beach pier, because I thought I would see big waves,  or a good sunset.
It was gloomy. The surf was up, but not in a wild way.

The tide had been high so you could see how far it came up the beach.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Today I actually remembered my dreams and even had time to paint them.

I dreamed my cat was sick. She was jumping all around and making strange noises.
(The kids next door were just being noisy.)

I dreamed that a big tree fell down next to a building at the church.
No one was hurt.
People said it sounded like thunder, and felt like an earthquake, when it fell.

But I missed all the excitement, because I was busy looking for the key to Room 1, that has been missing all week.
In the dream and in real life, the key had returned to its place!

Up in the sky I saw a jet airliner travelling fast. I seemed to be watching it on TV.
They were saying it came from Syria and it was either going to crash or be shot down.

I watched as many fighter jets appeared and tried to shoot it down, to no avail.

The jets flew all over the sky and eventually took the battle towards the sea, where I hoped perhaps they would crash without hurting any innocent people.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Today at work I found these gigantic apples in the office kitchen, and painted them.
The small apples are the normal sized ones I brought from home.

I wish I could focus and paint like this every day!

Yesterday I had took another one of the classes in the creative journal series by Jacki Long at Catalyst.
Jacki brought to show the class a journal page that I had made in one of her classes last year, which was cool!
She posts pictures of the work we do in the class in her own blog.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Today was another busy day at work.
All the groups have started their bible study classes this week, so there are lots of copies to be made.
Also there were a lot of marriage proposals over the holidays, so more people are coming in to book weddings.

I felt a little more creative today.
I had a lot of dreams. One of them was about being in a beauty pageant.

I had other dreams about animals.

My collages don't really look like what I dreamed in this dream.
The dream was mostly inspiration.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Busy Tuesday

Today was sunny and I noticed the grass was coming up in the yard.
I did a lot of errands and not a lot of drawing.


I didn't have time to eat my apples, but at least I did draw them.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Planet Earth is blue

Today was a sad day.

David Bowie died (yesterday.)
And certain people returned from their vacations.

On Saturday I was just at the music store and they had his new album and were even playing it!
I looked it up online, and it is a little too disturbing for me.

I bought some rock compilations, and a new (to me) artist, Brandi Carlile (country/folk)

I like to shop at a real brick and mortar store, this place called Second Spin in Huntington Beach.
They sell used CDS, DVDS, and vinyl.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday, January 9

Today was only an OK day
Yesterday I got my red car back from having its bumper painted, and everything was fine.
I am excited because he did a good job and I am going to take another car to him in about 6 weeks.

It was a very quiet day at work.

It was so quiet that I heard a mouse squeaking in a cabinet.
It was stuck in one of those cruel sticky traps they use in the office.
I took it outside and euthanized it with a shovel.
It made me feel gross.
I painted this.

I heard a bag rustle in the office kitchen.
I set out another trap baited with a peanut, I caught a second, larger mouse.

It doesn't help that this building used to be a convent, so we have a huge full kitchen that can serve up to 20 people.
Usually it ends up full of unlabeled, forgotten food, like most office kitchens.
Like that 2lb bag of peanuts left over from the Christmas pinatas.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Class at Catalyst

Today I went to another one of artist Jacki Long's classes at Catalyst.
We receive a journal and some inspiration and instructions and all the materials to paint and collage, and the students make all kinds of different things.

I was inspired to make my own blog after taking one of Jacki's classes last year.

You can find a link to her blog and some pictures of the other student's work here.

There are still openings available at Catalyst for this and other classes.

Here are some things I did:

I am worried about my red car, which I left at a place to get painted last Monday, and I haven't been able to contact the painter all week to see how the work is going.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Yesterday was a crummy day.
There was a shooting.
I couldn't see anything from my office. I just heard the shots. I wasn't even sure they came from, or if anyone was hit, until the sirens a few minutes later.

Nothing in the news about the person hit by a car on Monday, but I talked to a lady who happened to be visiting some one in the same hospital, and says he is alive and being operated on.

It's kind of strange, but so many things happen around here that I'm not even sure if they happened or not, and it is kind of a relief to see it in the newspaper.

I painted some more of this guy.
It was inspired a little bit by the homeless young man who has been camping out on the bench by the office door. Yesterday he sat on the bench all evening. Maybe he was hiding from the shooting...
He kept coming in and eating all the candy in the jar on the counter.

Last week I gave him a can opener from the dollar store, so he could eat the canned food we give out, and later on he tried to sell it to my friend for money.
He wasn't here today. I hope he found a better place.

I also worked on this one today.
I just noticed she only has half a nose.