Friday, December 18, 2015

Other moments from the Guadalupe festival.

Last night I got rear-ended, when I stopped, to avoid  a speeding SUV. It passed me doing 80 mph, went airborne over a hump, made a hole in a wall, knocked down a tree and landed in my path!
I didn't have my camera of course.
I spent the day working out the details of fixing the small damages to the bumper.

I didn't draw anything today but I found some more images from last Saturday's Guadalupe parade.
I took some videos and they came out better than the photos because it was dark.

I haven't learned yet how to edit a video.
But I learned today how to grab a screen shot using windows 8.
It comes with a  program called Snipping Tool, which lets you drag a box and make a screen shot of anything.

This amazing van showed up after the parade!

In honor of Star Wars I had to post a picture of one of the many Light Saber vendors here that day.
(Because we all know that the Jedi had something to do with the Guadalupe story.)

I was tempted, but I didn't buy one!

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