Monday, December 7, 2015

Holidays are near

It's been very busy around the church. I've been getting behind in my blog!
Last week was the start of the novena or 9 days leading up to the festival of Our Lady Of Guadalupe.
Everyone was busy decorating the church.

One of the prayer groups rents a cherry picker, and they strung flags all over the parking lot.

The flags will stay up until New Year's. It makes everything feel festive.

You can see the big outdoor stage in the lower left corner.
There will be a parade, a Mass and music outdoors on Saturday, rain or shine.

Other people hung fabric inside the church. They used the same cherry picker!

Here is the cloth laid out on the pews

Here is what it looked like when they finished the next day:

On the 11th the church will be open all night, and this altar will be covered with flowers:

It represents the hill where the Lady Of Guadalupe appeared.

It's nice to work in a community with such creative people!

Hopefully I will be able to post something new every day this week.

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