Monday, November 2, 2015

Today I got back to work on my journal.
I did a little bit of a collage at home.
Part of a newspaper in Chinese and a tissue paper napkin.
I'm not really happy how this face turned out...

I spent a good hour scrubbing Super-glue off my desk at work (nail polish remover works).
I'm just glad I didn't get reprimanded. Don't ask...

I had a dream where there was this overgrown tree full of flowers outside, blocking the door.
It was covered with bees and wasps.
I wanted to go out and trim the tree so I could open the door, but I couldn't because of all the bees.
The good thing about the dream was that they were not coming in through the window!

I made this from just a flower from a calendar, paint and a stamp I had already made.

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