Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scary stuff for Halloween

I was busy this weekend doing halloween stuff, so I didn't journal much.
These are some pictures from last month. (I did them all at home)
I figure this is a good place to put kinda creepy stuff.

This was one of my favorites.
I combined a lady from a magazine with a background of a farm.
The lace I made up.
I like making landscapes too. One of these days I plan to join a plein air group...

This entry was from a nightmare about a shark, It was mostly collage.

In another dream, I was driving along the coast and the sun came up.
It was really pretty, and red.
In the dream I passed by a person I have seen at the church

I spent the day thinking about whether or not I would give that person a ride or not, if I ever did pass him on the road.

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