Wednesday, November 4, 2015


On Monday I started this collage.
The background is some scrap, copies that I made at work that came out wrong.
It was a chapter in a book about "Why I am Catholic."

This was a dream I had where I looked outside and saw an ambulance at a neighbor's house.
(This actually happened on Saturday.)
In the dream, the ambulance was an old-fashioned carriage pulled by six black horses.

In the dream I walked to the church and there were the horses again, but the driver was nowhere to be found.
I felt sorry for the horses so I gave them water and tried to remove their harness.
 I could only remember how to take a halter off a horse.
"You're doing it wrong," one horse said to me.
Luckily the driver came back and finished taking care of the horses.

Today I made this much simpler collage.

I dreamed I was in Europe with two friends from school.
We were planning a train route through the Alps.
It began to rain, but I didn't have a hat or a coat.
We got on the train and realized we had left one friend behind.
I was now wearing her hat and coat.

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