Thursday, November 19, 2015

A new sketchbook

Today I bought a new sketchbook.

The last one was a black cover, hard-bound 11x14, which is the biggest size that I can easily tote to work.
Unfortunately the pages began to fall out of that one almost as soon as I bought it!
Still, I stubbornly used it for 2 months.
This time I bought a spiral notebook.

Yesterday, I was showing one of my co-workers my blog and he asked "why didn't I have any drawings of men? Men are beautiful too."
It was a good question! I said "I think it's easier to draw women because it's just like putting on make-up."

So I drew some men today!

Today I included the picture I copied, because my co-worker also asked if I was drawing them from my head.
Sometimes when I copy a photo, the drawing ends up looking not like the picture.
Sometimes I do it on purpose and sometimes I just suck at copying!
This would fall into the latter category. He looks like a cave man!
I liked the other picture I drew today, a surfer:

This one is my favorite of anything I've done all month.
I am really surprised to look at them at the end of the day.
They don't look exactly like the photo I copied, but I like it better that way.

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