Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Lights

This is the view from my desk today.

This week, Juan the student staying here, decorated the outside of the office.
He always does a great job with much attention to detail.

A few years ago I made some "Sparkleballs" to decorate outside:

These are ornaments you can make from 50 clear Solo Cups and a strand of at least 50 lights.
The ones I made a few years ago have started to fall apart.
All that's left is a bunch of lights:

I will make some more this year. I made one yesterday in fact.

I will include an instruction of how to make them, tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I didn't do much on Monday.
It was the office Thanksgiving party and it was my turn to set up and clean up
At home I went through many boxes in the garage to sort out Christmas decorations.
We threw out at least 3 big trash bags of junk, yay!
I brought a crate of old lights to give to the student who lives here, he does a great job of decorating the office every year. I will post a picture on Saturday after he's done!

I drew this guy late on Saturday.
It was a surfer, (I think he died last year.)
He ended up looking like a space man.
I think I've been seeing too many commercials for the new star wars movie.

I picked these roses today! I can't believe there are still so many roses.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Class at Catalyst

Today I took a class at Catalyst, which is the art studio connected to Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster:

The class, Spray Paint Acrylic and Collage, was taught by artist Jacki Long.
I took some of her journal and mixed-media classes during the summer and it inspired me to have more fun, make more collages, and to start a blog of my own!
You can see her blog here:

I actually drew this from my head!

We were supposed to incorporate spray paint into our work, but I covered most of it up...
I made another picture on a canvas, but I didn't take a picture of it to post yet.

You can see more pictures of the great stuff everyone else made, on Jacki's blog.
She will be giving another class similar to this one, in December.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A new sketchbook

Today I bought a new sketchbook.

The last one was a black cover, hard-bound 11x14, which is the biggest size that I can easily tote to work.
Unfortunately the pages began to fall out of that one almost as soon as I bought it!
Still, I stubbornly used it for 2 months.
This time I bought a spiral notebook.

Yesterday, I was showing one of my co-workers my blog and he asked "why didn't I have any drawings of men? Men are beautiful too."
It was a good question! I said "I think it's easier to draw women because it's just like putting on make-up."

So I drew some men today!

Today I included the picture I copied, because my co-worker also asked if I was drawing them from my head.
Sometimes when I copy a photo, the drawing ends up looking not like the picture.
Sometimes I do it on purpose and sometimes I just suck at copying!
This would fall into the latter category. He looks like a cave man!
I liked the other picture I drew today, a surfer:

This one is my favorite of anything I've done all month.
I am really surprised to look at them at the end of the day.
They don't look exactly like the photo I copied, but I like it better that way.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Napkins from the Dollar Tree

Today I just made one drawing in my journal.
Some of the background is a collage from a magazine story about letters and WWII.
The rest of the background is a fancy napkin from the Dollar Tree.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tillandsia in a wreath

Today, I was cleaning my yard and I found some Tillandsia (Air Plant) that the wind had blown down.

I had a 12" metal wreath shape left over from a pine wreath last Christmas.

I did't have any pine branches to fill it with, but I got the idea to fill it with Tillandsia.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Today I drew a lot of flowers and things. No collages.
I was feeling rusty because I didn't draw or paint much all last week.
After I was done, I didn't like how anything turned out.

I did these at home:

I did these at work:

When I started drawing flowers every day, about 2 years ago, I mainly focused on the flowers.
Recently I have been doing more creative thing with the negative space around the flowers.

Today, I didn't think the drawing part, (the flowers) was any good.
But at least I thought, the paint mixed in the background in a neat way.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


I spent all of yesterday watching the news about Paris.
I didn't feel like drawing.

Today I had a great dream.
I was in Star Wars. Maybe it was the new Star Wars Land they will be building at Disneyland, or a virtual reality video game.
(I'm not a big fan of the movies, Disneyland, or video games, but I have seen them and I like them.)
For some reason I thought that this futuristic world was so great, I didn't ever want to leave!

There were futuristic buildings, and funny looking aliens and robots.
A lot of the dream was spent shopping for a costume.
I think the dream was some kind of escape from the reality of the terror attacks yesterday.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

stained glass

Today I did something different. (At home.)

Ever since we switched to energy saving light bulbs, the glass cover on the ceiling light in my room didn't fit.

I didn't want to buy a glass cover at Home Depot. I wanted to make something myself, cheaply.
(Once time, I bought a large plastic salad bowl at the 99c store, but it wasn't big enough to cover the light bulbs.)
Here is the old glass cover that doesn't fit anymore.

Today I had the idea to use a flat piece of plexi-glass, and paint it to look like stained glass.
(There are scraps laying around because we used it for a window, or used it to frame posters.)

Next I printed out a pattern, just any pattern, in the size of the plastic. 17"
I didn't know if it was going to work, or what it would look like in the end.
I had never even tried to make a "stained glass" window ornament craft before!
I just wanted to do it in one day.

Then I used black acrylic paint to trace the lines to look like "lead."

I've seen special products for painting faux stained glass windows, but I didn't want to make a trip to the store.

I did however, have some special paint for painting glass.
A few years ago, I used this paint to touch up a little desk ornament.
I had only red, yellow and blue color.
Luckily it wasn't dried out.

The result was much better than I expected.
It was hard to draw the black lines evenly, and I couldn't seem to find the right brush.
But it was easy, just tracing and coloring.
I want to try this again, with better colors and a trickier pattern!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Today I didn't feel like doing much art, except for picking out clipart to put on the church newsletter.
I have been reading this random novel I found online yesterday.
It is a kind of fluffy, romantic adventure from the 1880's.

It's not very notable, but it has a lot of cliffhangers, and now I have to read it to the end!

Here's an old picture from the journal, last month.
Paint, markers and stamps with white ink.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dreams about windy days

When I started some of these collages, a few days ago, it was windy.
The collages all look kind of windy.
This one is about a dream I had where a tornado AND a tsunami hit the house.
It is mostly just paint, not collage.

This one isn't finished yet. Maybe.
It was another dream where I saw a tiny hummingbird trying to build a nest in the wind:

In this collage, I had a dream about the ghost of a tiger in a cemetery:
I haven't found a tiger to put into the picture, yet.
Maybe that's the ghost?

Monday, November 9, 2015


Today I discovered I used up all the glue sticks at work.
I wasn't able to finish some collages I started last week.
I did make a picture based on a dream.
In the dream, I was staying at a hotel and this was the view from my window.

I realized that this was actually the ocean not far from here, but these islands couldn't be seen before because of the smog.
In the dream I said to myself that I would never drive a car again, if it meant I could see the ocean like this, all the time. But in real life, I don't know if I would give up driving.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sometimes things look better when you make them smaller

It was windy today.
I drew these jacaranda tree pods I picked up on the way to work.

It wasn't a great day.
I had to say "no" to a few different people, for services we couldn't help them with, and they let me know they didn't like it!

But, I wrote down a bunch of wierd dreams I had.
They will make good ideas for collages, for days to come.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

This week has been busy at work.
It was also the first week since summer "ended" that it was in the 70's and I could finally wear shirts with long sleeves!

Yesterday I started this collage of flowers on my desk. From the gardens at work.
The collage is from a team-building activity we did at the staff meeting a few days ago.
I had really big plans for the neon green background paint.
I think the arrangement of the flowers was the problem.
Well, too bad, they're all dead now!

Today I got up and read the paper, and there was a full page ad about a new mall at the beach.
The ad had a picture of beaded bracelets, and I was inspired to make a bunch.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


On Monday I started this collage.
The background is some scrap, copies that I made at work that came out wrong.
It was a chapter in a book about "Why I am Catholic."

This was a dream I had where I looked outside and saw an ambulance at a neighbor's house.
(This actually happened on Saturday.)
In the dream, the ambulance was an old-fashioned carriage pulled by six black horses.

In the dream I walked to the church and there were the horses again, but the driver was nowhere to be found.
I felt sorry for the horses so I gave them water and tried to remove their harness.
 I could only remember how to take a halter off a horse.
"You're doing it wrong," one horse said to me.
Luckily the driver came back and finished taking care of the horses.

Today I made this much simpler collage.

I dreamed I was in Europe with two friends from school.
We were planning a train route through the Alps.
It began to rain, but I didn't have a hat or a coat.
We got on the train and realized we had left one friend behind.
I was now wearing her hat and coat.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Today I got back to work on my journal.
I did a little bit of a collage at home.
Part of a newspaper in Chinese and a tissue paper napkin.
I'm not really happy how this face turned out...

I spent a good hour scrubbing Super-glue off my desk at work (nail polish remover works).
I'm just glad I didn't get reprimanded. Don't ask...

I had a dream where there was this overgrown tree full of flowers outside, blocking the door.
It was covered with bees and wasps.
I wanted to go out and trim the tree so I could open the door, but I couldn't because of all the bees.
The good thing about the dream was that they were not coming in through the window!

I made this from just a flower from a calendar, paint and a stamp I had already made.