Thursday, October 29, 2015

A few days ago a co-worker brought me a newspaper in Chinese, (even though I can't read it.)

Yesterday I found a picture in a magazine of a woman begging for change, and I liked the pose, I drew her but with more colorful clothes.
I used the newspaper for a background collage. It was an ad for a local grocery.


When I get home I will use colored pens to make her outfit more colorful...

I didn't intend to make light of the situation by making her more "colorful."
But now I am feeling bad about it.

I think I need to remind myself not to look at things just from artistic point of view.
I was just thinking about something to put on my blog. The pose and a background and colors.

Here at work I often have to refer people to shelters or food banks.
For them this is their everyday life.
Also today I worked on the Nov. 8 newsletter which was about giving.

It has been a challenge to edit what I post of my journal online!
There are lots of things that don't make it.
I hope I can figure it out without being offensive.

I had a terrible nightmare that this blog was full of stories about my cat, and jokes that weren't funny.
I hope it doesn't end up like that either!

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