Friday, October 30, 2015


Today I had a meeting so I didn't have time to draw anything.
This week, at home, I made some beaded jewelry.
I don't make jewelry every day.
I made these over the whole week.
Sometimes I will go a month or more without taking out my box of beads and things.
I think painting is a lot more challenging, and I always try to paint something every day.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A few days ago a co-worker brought me a newspaper in Chinese, (even though I can't read it.)

Yesterday I found a picture in a magazine of a woman begging for change, and I liked the pose, I drew her but with more colorful clothes.
I used the newspaper for a background collage. It was an ad for a local grocery.


When I get home I will use colored pens to make her outfit more colorful...

I didn't intend to make light of the situation by making her more "colorful."
But now I am feeling bad about it.

I think I need to remind myself not to look at things just from artistic point of view.
I was just thinking about something to put on my blog. The pose and a background and colors.

Here at work I often have to refer people to shelters or food banks.
For them this is their everyday life.
Also today I worked on the Nov. 8 newsletter which was about giving.

It has been a challenge to edit what I post of my journal online!
There are lots of things that don't make it.
I hope I can figure it out without being offensive.

I had a terrible nightmare that this blog was full of stories about my cat, and jokes that weren't funny.
I hope it doesn't end up like that either!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The well

It's hard to decide what pictures to put in the blog these days!
Not that long ago, I didn't have any idea what to draw in my journal and whole days would go by without making anything.

When I have no inspiration, I learned to try to draw something I dreamed.
It's always challenging to make something look like it does in my head.

Last night I dreamed I was in a dry old place, and there was a well, and I drank water and washed my feet, like the people were doing.

Then it got weird and I saw a dog whose feet had been chopped off, "during the war."
(It wasn't unhappy though, it could still hop around.)

I drew these roses on Monday to do the step by step process, but then the day passed before I could finish.
(I used the left over paint from the page with the dog to fill the background.)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Work in progress

The other day somebody asked me to do a tutorial video, but I haven't learned to do that yet.
So today while I was drawing the flowers on my desk, I saved pictures of the progress.
Today I actually took a picture of the flowers to show you, but I usually just work from life when I do flowers.

First I started with a drawing in watercolor pencil.

Next I filled in the background with scribbles in water-soluble crayon (stabile)

Then I put some acrylic paint on top of the scribbles.
(Sometimes I just add water and blend the background. )
Today I think I put too much acrylic, and covered the scribbles too much.
Also it depends on the paper, the sketchbook I have now has thin paper which works with acrylic but washes just bleed through.

Finally I colored in the flowers, using some acrylic wash.
The paint I brought to the office (in the purple box on my desk) wasn't the right shade of pink, so I used a pink highlighter.

I usually don't take a photo of the flowers, so when they're gone, its done!
But today I did take a photo and I'm looking at it and I see the roses were a little more yellow in the middle...
I did this throughout the day at work today while I answered phones, made copies, etc.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I work!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Over the weekend

I made these faces on Saturday. Faces from magazines.
This week I looked up some how-to-draw ears again, because I have been lazy about drawing ears.

On Sunday I worked on a mural on a wall in my house.
I will post more about it when I have pictures.

I also did this page in the journal. It came out even better in the picture!
Some one at work suggested that I do tutorial videos on You Tube to make money!
That might be a little too advance for me, yet. I've never tried posting a video.
But today I scanned a drawing of flowers, before I put the paint on it, so I can show the process.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


I've been too busy to update, but not too busy to make some more pictures.

The other day, a lady I knew asked me if I also drew faces.
I told her I only draw flowers, (because at the moment, I was afraid she was going to ask me to do a portrait. I get a lot of requests to do baby portraits, and Jesus.)
But actually, I draw faces in my journal too.
Mostly I'll copy a face from a magazine ad.
This one I did on Wednesday, has some collage in it, and acrylic paint:

 Sometimes they end up looking more realistic, so then I feel like I cheated, because it's not original:
(This fiery lady was actually the paint left over from drawing this, from a dream I had, on 10/11.)

Thursday, October 22, 2015


At home today I picked some roses and drew them.
They are really blooming a lot. I guess they like the heat.
It is 80 degrees in the office again this afternoon...

I painted them in black ink and colored ink.

Yesterday I painted these wilted roses at work in watercolor pencil under acrylic paint.

Somehow they are still blooming on my desk. Maybe I'll draw them again today.

Yesterday I went back to the flowers I drew on Saturday, and added more paint.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Today I made time to paint some fruit I gathered up from different places around the office.

Here at the church people will sometimes bring extra fruit from their backyard to share.
This time it was bags of limes. There are always limes. We'll never get scurvy.

Rarely, we get great things like figs and pomegranates.
Many times we get guavas. I think they make the office stink, like garlic!

The other fruit was the apples I didn't eat for lunch the past few days.
Everyone seemed to like this drawing even though the angles were off kilter.
I used acrylic, and the background was acrylic over scribbled watercolor crayon.

(I forgot to bring a good paintbrush again, but I found a child's watercolor brush-like thing.)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday October 19

Today I forgot to bring a paintbrush to work.
I ought to keep a bunch of spare brushes somewhere...

On Saturday, I drew the same flowers from the previous day.
I used mostly water soluble crayons (stabilo) and water.

I drew some flowers I discovered on my co-workers desk.
They were wilted and smelly.
I think that's why they didn't turn out as nice.
(I did give them new water.)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Today is Saturday and work is slow in the office so I should have more time to draw and paint!

I remembered I like to draw horses, and I haven't done horses in several months.
I did these yesterday.

The background on both was a collage, but it kind of lost something once I painted over it.

I also went back and added more color to the drawing of the snake.
(This was a dream I had about a snake.) The background is water soluble crayon, and the details I added with gel pens.

Friday, October 16, 2015

This summer I took a couple journal art classes at Catalyst, a studio space that's part of Art Supply Warehouse.
The classes were taught by Jacki Long, who is a great artist, and inspired me to start my own blog.

Some of the techniques we used were making collages, and applying acrylic paint with credit cards.
I'd tried a little collaging and acrylic in my sketchbooks before, but Jacki's instructions made it much more easy and fun to do.
Before this, I was mostly using watercolors and soluble pencils, or acrylics in a kind of wash.
Because I do most of my drawing at my desk at work, and its hard to pack acrylic paints!

This week, I stashed away a box of small cheap tube acrylics, so I didn't have to lug it back and forth to work.
Today I drew this lady from a magazine, and I did the background with acrylic and collage in a style like we did in Jacki's journal class.
I made this blog to show off the pages in my daily journal.
So, here goes!

Yesterday I drew and painted the flowers on my desk.
When I don't have an idea, or just to warm up, I draw and paint flowers.

There are always flowers in the gardens at work and at home.

Another subject I draw in my journal are dreams.

This day, I dreamed about a colorful snake.
I entered it in a snake beauty contest in a county fair and it won first prize!